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Blast furnace drill tools


The company integrates research, design, production and operation, and produces Qianshan brand products, which are widely used in basic energy construction projects such as mountain mining, mining, railways, highways, hydropower and so on. The main products are button bits and the word bit, according to drilling rock hardness, borehole diameter, drilling tools and other different conditions can be divided into more than 30 types of products, which is mainly used in supporting and drilling machinery, drilling blasting out blasting hole construction method in rock drilling or rock and soil, as well as for mining drivage. Rotary drilling or drilling field of blast furnace.






Deep thread quick connection drill rod


Characteristic:The use of mature technology, high quality steel, high toughness and high wear resistance, high production efficiency, high cost performance.
The screw thread part of the drill pipe is made of the latest material and special heat treatment process, which can effectively reduce the risk of concave mark in the thread part and improve the service life. The risk of breaking the drill rod at the end of the thread is effectively reduced. It can make the wear of the external thread part and the inner thread part of each end of each drill pipe more balanced, and improve the use efficiency and the use time of the drill rod.
More precise manufacturing tolerances make the drill rod more quality and durable. The carburizing heat treatment technology is used to obtain high surface hardness, wear resistance, high contact fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength. The hardness and toughness of the steel body at the same time increase by about 35%. The unique design, drilling and digging speed is increased by 20%, and the life is increased by 30%. 23CrNi3Mo is used as the raw material to ensure that the life span is increased by 30%, and the steel body is not broken.
With high toughness, high wear resistance and high efficiency, the outstanding advantage of the industry is leading after sales support, and the products with quality problems are replaced by 100%.